Learn Exactly How to Return to Perfect Health!

Shattering the Illusion of Disease is unlike any book ever written.  This book will teach you the truth about our human experience and that fact that disease is only a condition which we create in our minds which we then attach to our experience.  Shattering the Illusion of Disease will show you how to manifest a human experience free of disease and create miracles of healing in your life.  If you are looking for a miracle, then you need to read this book today!


Learn the 7 Master Keys

The Author,  Peter Adams has done it again in his new book titled, The 7 Master Keys for Success with Deliberate Creation. This guidebook will show you how to manifest miracles in your life using the VisualFestation System that was developed by the Author.  This book is packed with examples of how the Author successfully used the techniques contained within to manifest miracles in his life, and he will share them with you in this soon to be classic.  

When you are finished with this book, you will have all of the tools that you will need to successfully manifest anything that you desire in to your life experience. In this new book the Author dives into the power of Deliberate Creation and using all the tools in the VisualFestation System to create the life of your dreams. You will learn how to “Live by Design, not by default”.


What If There Was Nothing You Could Not BE, DO or HAVE?

What if there was nothing out of reach that could not be achieved or attained? Author, Speaker Peter Adams tackles these questions in his new book, VisualFestation How I Manifested the Life of My Dreams and You Can TOO!!! 

The exciting new book introduces and guides readers in using creative visualization as a daily life practice to lead into the manifestation of real success. The exciting new book “VisualFestation” delves into the importance of focusing on the areas where improvement is needed most. 

Whether ones desire is to make more money, find time for a vacation, get a new business off the ground, or discover true love, “VisualFestation” is introducing simple keys of quantum physics to get in touch with universal life force energy and power. While it may sound “too good to be true,” Peter Adams explains the path to success in a way that is easy to digest and practical for everyday life.

Peter Adams is not just an expert on the subject; he personally has created miracles in his own life through using the techniques discussed in “VisualFestation”. Peter shares his miraculous experiences and precisely how he was able to manifest them into reality.

This amazingly trans formative book is 118 pages, and available in print, downloadable and audio book formats. Peter Adams is committed to donating ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of the book to his preferred chosen charities.

“VisualFestation” is helping people to realize that the life of their dreams is not far away. Peter Adams is thrilled to bring the exclusive empowerment keys to a wider audience and is proud to help others manifest the life of their dreams.



In the “VisualFestation System  Self-Study Course”  the user will have the complete system with instructions, examples and exercises to work through to identify their goals, limiting beliefs, have an understanding of how your thoughts affect your energy and begin to create your own “Hour of Power” to manifesting the life of your dreams.

In this workbook course, I will give you the exact techniques which I have used and from which I have received amazing results in my life. I have used these techniques to work with the Universe and as a result I feel as though my life is magical and truly blessed.

I will teach you how to begin creating and manifesting the life of your dreams.  It is not as difficult as you may think to create miracles in your life.  To achieve success with this system, you are going to need to take action, have faith, and  commit to practicing these techniques on a daily basis.


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If you find yourself at a time in your life where you are either between jobs, unemployed, or “wrongfully employed”, we have some very EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU! Peter Adams has release his second book, “The VisualFestation Guide to Successful Employment.”  In this dynamic eBook he teach the reader how to use some of the techniques from his VisualFestation System to assist them with finding the job or career of their dreams!

Knowing how many people around the World are struggling from fear of their economic future, Peter was called to write this eBook to teach his VisualFestation System of visualizing and manifesting to help make a difference and the world a better place.  Peter was also called to GIVING THIS BOOK AWAY TO THE WORLD FOR FREE!

For most people, being unemployed can be one of the most stressful and fearful times in their life.  Knowing that we attract in what we focus on, Peter felt it was his duty to help them get out of their fear based thinking and attract in the new job they want.



This book was written especially for you. If you have found this book, it is not by accident. This book was created to give you all the tools that you will need to manifest a complete healing. There truly is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have on this planet if you truly believe you can.

If that sounds a little hard to believe, then you should read my first book entitled “VisualFestation-How I Manifested the Life of My Dreams & YOU CAN TOO!”  In that book I share with the reader the miracles I have manifested, and also the techniques I used which make up the VisualFestation System.  We now have students from all over the world practicing our System and manifesting miracles in their own lives.

I look forward to hearing about your personal success, as I know if you do the work, you will get the results you’re looking for. Godspeed to you. Pete