Gratitude 30 Day Challenge & Sweepstakes

If you have been following me for a while, you know how important I believe having GRATITUDE is.  I practice gratitude every single morning during my Hour of Power.  I cannot begin to tell you the difference having gratitude has made in my life. I know that once you begin to practice a state of GRATITUDE each day, your life is going to improve and you are going to FEEL better about everything in your life.

We are under way! It’s not to late to join us! 

To get you started on the right path, we are going to do a 30 day Gratitude Challenge.  For the month of September, I am going to post each day what I am grateful for and I want you to join me by log in and sharing your gratitude for the day by replying/commenting to each of my post.

To get you fired up about the Gratitude Challenge, for all of you who participate for the full 30 days, we are going to enter you in to our Gratitude Sweepstakes.  The prizes include our new VisualFestation System Self-Study Course, which includes the mp3 files of our book VisualFestation, which is a $179.00 value.  Other prizes include autographed copies of our book VisualFestation, as well as the book in Kindle and other electronic versions.


I hope you will join me and make the commitment to GRATITUDE which will change YOUR WORLD!

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